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Saturday, 20 September 2014

My constant companion

My laptop is still away at the laptop hospital and is likely to be away for several more days.  I’ve managed to wreck two of the three USB ports and my usual computer psychologist has had to send it away.

In the meantime I am managing with my old lap top which had been gathering dust for a couple of years.  It has one major problem – the cursor jumps all over the place which makes writing a document very difficult.  I can’t upload photographs either so I am stuck.

But this has got me thinking about how reliant on my computer I am.  I have had a computer for over twenty five years and I’ve used the web at home for fourteen.  I can manage without my TV – but without my laptop I would be completely lost.  Today I have checked my bank account, corresponded with a friend in France, found a new recipe, sorted my budget, prepared for church tomorrow and coveted something on eBay.

I use it to store instruction manuals for all my appliances, I order my groceries, I keep a record of everyone’s birthdays and anniversaries.  I play games, do crosswords and listen to audiobooks.  I decide if the TV will be going on today, check the weather and find out how to grow winter lettuce.  I track my steps walked and find out how to get to various destinations and discover opening times.  The news is available as often as I want to know it. 

Despite the jumpy cursor I am still on this wretched thing several times every day.  But there won’t be as many blog posts until the other one is back!


  1. I am impressed with how much you do on your computer, I wouldn't have a clue how to do half of the things you do. Writing a blog post is a mammoth task, my husband and I load photos between us, because we are so useless. Lets hope it will be back quicker than you think.

    1. Oh I do hope so! I think that I rely on it more than many people do becuase I live alone and because I have to rely on it I have taught myself to do quite a few things. My tame geek who repairs it despairs of the amount of crumbs I get in it but is impressed by my competence! Quite a feather in my cap!