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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Hat Pattern

Tree Lover posted a comment asking for my hat pattern.  It's an amalgamation of several patterns and here it is.  I'm a rather happy-go-lucky knitter and I've never given my patterns to anyone else before but this hat is fairly adaptable.  You are most welcome to use either for your own use or for charity.  The charity I support is The Sailors’ Society, 350 Shirley Road, Southampton, SO15 3HY  [It costs about £1 to distribute a hat – so any donations will be greatly appreciated]

Approx 80g double knitting wool,
Pair of 3.25 mm[UK11] needles, Pair of 4 mm [UK9] needles
With 3mm needles cast on 110 sts
Row 1- [Right Side] K2 * P2,K2; rep from * to end
Row 2 – P2 *K2, P2; rep from * to end
These two rows form the rib
Work a further 8 rows in rib, inc 1st at each end of final row [112 sts]
Change to 3¾mm needles work 32 rows in st st beg with K row
Shape Crown
Row 1; [RS] [k2tog, k6] 14 times [98sts] - Work 3 rows
Row 5; [k2tog k5] 14 times [84 sts] - Work 3 rows
Row 9; [k2tog, k4] 14 times [70sts] - Work 3 rows
Row 13; [k2tog, k3] 14 times [56sts] - Work 1 row
Row 15; [k3tog k1] 14 times [28sts]
Break yarn, thread end through remaining 28sts and draw up tightly and fasten off securely. Sew up back seam.

I hope this will be of use.


  1. Thank you SO much... I thought afterwards that perhaps it would be on a round needle that I would never attempted - but it's not!

    The hats look just the right shape, I appreciate the kindness that you have shown in writing it out. I have some ordinary DK yarn so I will try it in that before lashing out on cashmere. Knitting needles out first thing tomorrow...

    Forgot to say that all the tall ships are moored at Greenwich this weekend. Might be hard to park but when they sail upstream we can see them on our riverfront - if I find out right time.

    1. My husband had just pointed out that they will be going downstream past us - I am not very nautical!

      I will send a donation to your charity - sorry, forgot to say that, kind regards Andrina

    2. It's a real pleasure - I hope it fits.

  2. I`d also love to use this pattern, and I`m happy to donate a few £ to your charity as well, if you don`t mind. Those hats look easy and quick to make. I quite fancy making some for DB and myself for the coming winter.

  3. I am reading through your blog while propped up in bed enjoying my second pot of tea. This pattern could not have come at a better time, I have lost my tried and tested one and need a couple for myself. I also sew for charity and this autumn will try knitting some of these. There are many charities who welcome small items either to sell or distribute and like most crafters I have a small mountain of scraps of fabric, half used balls of yarn and so on.