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Tuesday 23 September 2014

Big Baby

Today I have a truly disgusting cold.  I spent the morning in bed.  This afternoon I have sat wrapped up in an armchair.  When I have a cold I go into childhood mode – Big Time! 

When I was little my Mother used to have a stash of special hankies which came out when we had colds.  They were old ones of my Father, worn thin but worn very soft.  There were also the middles of worn out sheets, hemmed and put away ready for the sneezing season.  Earlier this year I put my foot through a sheet and some parts of it were duly hemmed and put away.  That sort of pure cotton is much gentler on my nose than any tissue and today I’m feeling glad I took the trouble.

Ribena was a great treat in my childhood because it was very expensive.  Now it’s a great treat because it’s so full of sugar.   Yes I have tried the light version and it just didn’t hit the spot.  When I have a cold I don’t like my usual black coffee so Ribena is wonderful. 

I think my cold is illness in sympathy with Bobo who still awaits his prosthesis and my laptop which is still in London at the specialist computer hospital.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


  1. Sorry to hear you are poorly, take it easy. I hope you feel better soon x

  2. Sending a hug your way and hoping you are feeling better soon.

  3. You have my commiserations, we used the same sort of linen for "runny noses" when I was a child. I buy a new lip salve and apply that to the area, it does help to protect the delicate skin.

  4. sorry for the cold but you've given me great joy... I'd never thought of making a hankie, I'd never thought of using an old bed sheet. I grew up with disposable tissues (another one of those instances where we call something by the brand name; most people call facial tissue Kleenex here) and we never had hankies. I've been using a wash cloth to wipe my little one's nose recently. But I just happen to have a bed sheet that's practically see through in spots. I've considered throwing it out but I'm so bad at throwing out things that are even somewhat useful. I could totally turn it into hankies!!! Two issues resolved! Thank-you!!!

    1. I'm really appreciative of handkerchiefs as Christmas presents as well but the home made jobbies are fantastic for sore noses - and very frugal!