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Friday 29 April 2022

Such bounty

Is there anything more tasty than the first few saladings from the garden?


Thanks, Jack

Friday 1 April 2022

Scarf weather: weather scarf!

 What a shock to the system!  Last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the midday temperature in Caistor was 18C, 19C and 19C.  (That's 64F, 66F and 66F for those of you who work on Fahrenheit,)  The same days this week were 5C. 6C, and 8C (41F, 43F and 46F).  Very brrr!  Back to a scarf, hat and gloves when I walk and back to having the heating on when I get home.  Yes, I realise it's worse in other places but that's a big enough freeze for me!



But while I was wrapped up against the cold I got a little more knitting done on my weather scarf.  The top picture is the first 161 days of my eighth decade.  And the second one is how it looked in January.