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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Bobo - again

Bobo is continuing to cause trouble.  I rewrote the pattern for his foot wear and knitted it up, confident that this time it would fit.  My confidence was misplaced.  I had made it straight in the back of the “boot”, rather as one would for a human but his foot turns in a rather indescribable way!  So now I am rewriting the pattern yet again and hope to get at least one sock/shoe made today. 

I shall try and photograph my efforts today.  If I am not back you will know that  either I have been admitted to a psychiatric unit or I have been arrested for the murder of a teddy bear.


  1. Gold star for persistence! I would have given up by now :)

  2. I have not been on blogger much at all in the past week but I checked in quickly tonight only to notice that there's further news about Bobo... I'm going to have to give you a gold star as well for persistence! That leaves you with two gold stars and a still bootless Bobo :) You can do it! Also please steer clear of the psychiatric unit; I doubt you'd much like it there.

  3. Poor old Bobo. However I too am keen to give you a gold star for persistence.