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Wednesday, 16 August 2023

From Jack and Millie

 Hello Everyone,

I thought it was about time I did a post again.    I hope you are all keeping in the best of health and free from all ailments. 

 As you know, the vicar and I don’t agree about everything!  For example, she rang me one morning: we talk every day except Sundays of course as she has other important things to do instead of spending half an hour chatting to yours truly.  This particular morning she interrupted me drying the dishes.  It turns out that the vicar lets hers dry naturally.  I don’t know if she is astute or lazy – you’ll have to make your own mind up on that one.  When I stand at my kitchen sink, I am looking at the main road and I can watch the traffic and the people walking past and some days that’s all I will see.  

When you’ve lived with someone 53 years (my wife died three years ago) and you lose that someone, life becomes very lonely at times.  Thanks to the vicar, I kept my little Shi Tzu, Millie for company.  Millie used to go to my daughter when I went to help people.  Mary, thank goodness, told me Millie would be a big help to me, so I kept her and she’s always by my side. 


One thing Mary disapproves of is my cooking.  The first time I tried to make custard to have with my banana, it turned out like scrambled egg.  I was brought up not to waste food so that night I had bananas and custard on toast.

Another night I did myself four of those long German sausages.  I forget what they are called but I told the vicar I’d eaten four Wurlitzers with mustard and onions.  She nearly burst her sides laughing as she explained that a Wurlitzer is one of those huge organs which used to rise up through the cinema floor. 


My life wouldn’t be the same if I hadn’t met the vicar all those years ago – there I go being nice again.  She’ll say I’m just buttering her up to make sure the bacon butties and leek soup are always served.  Last time I went she sent me home with three home-made Christmas puddings.


I haven’t been so much this year as all the building work was happening in the early part of the year so the garden was a bit out of hand (like the householder!) but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and the garden is coming along nicely.  Mary’s having guests this week so I’ll make sure the back garden is in tip-top order.  She calls that her garden.  I was given the front garden.  That one is very wet and takes a lot of managing but I don’t mind.  She keeps me fed and watered all the time.  One good thing is that there is no longer a list waiting for me.  I think that this being nice to her may have got me into a hole I can’t dig myself out of. 

I hope the Brits among you enjoy the summer (if we get one) and everyone everywhere can make the best of every day.  No-one knows what’s around the corner.  Take care of your neighbours and yourselves.


Jack and Millie-the-dog

Millie's mark 
(with love)

Sunday, 23 July 2023


 This isn't about the break I have had from my blog - although I apologise.

It's about a short break I had just a few miles from home.

An acquaintance was worrying about her dogs as she couldn't get a sitter while she had a short break, so I volunteered.  She's now a friend!

It was sheer delight to stay in her lovely home.  Didn't I have a wonderful view every time I opened the front door?  All that stood between me and these trees was a ha-ha.  

And Hiccup?  She's the border terror shown here with her younger sister, Holly.  

A glorious break for me.  And my new friend was able to enjoy her holiday in Florence. 

Monday, 19 June 2023

Q is for questions

It's also for "Quite hopeful that you have some for me!"  This post is the first of two, I hope.  The second will be Q2 later in the week.  

(Marcia, yours will be on the R post.)

Saturday, 10 June 2023

P is for Post Pandemic

 For a long time I was writing about adjusting to lockdowns or coping with entering everyday life again.  I am very aware that for many the effects of covid are still all too present but I'm writing about me and my life.  So far I haven't caught the virus, but I have been affected by it.  

For me the beginning of the end of the pandemic was 11th February 2021, the day I had my first vaccination.  As I was leaving the vaccination centre I remarked to one of the stewards that it felt more like a party than a health appointment.  "Everybody says that" was her reply.

Two years in, this is "the new normal" but like all normals it will evolve as I change and society changes.  Personally I sailed through lockdowns and sorted out a lot in terms of reprioritising, decluttering, reorganising and so on.  

So, what's changed?  I think I have sorted my life out quite a bit.  That's not just decluttering stuff, it's working out more of what I really want to do.  I went for lunch this week with a friend I hadn't seen for nearly four years and I want to keep that friendship going but there are other things I have ditched.  My Trefoil Guild has folded and I have decided that I want to go to the daytime Women's Institute only.  I learnt quite a few computer skills, including Zoom and Facetime, and those are still a big part of my life.  I have done more sewing and knitting but less paper craft.  

I think the biggest change though is that I have developed a new reslience.  I have more confidence in my ability to face the future with equanimity.  

(my "Q" post will be about questions.  I may be asking you some, but are there any you would like to ask me?  I don't guarantee I will answer but I'll do my best!)