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Wednesday 28 February 2018

March mollycoddling

February wasn't good.  In fact February was dreadful.  February was one of those months when breathing properly seemed like a distant memory.  It was a month of misery and lethargy.  End of moan.  Start of positive thinking. 
View from my window.  Friends top up the feeders

It's the last day of the month today and while it looks very pretty outside, I won't be venturing through the front door.  I am however truly blessed.  Before 9 o'clock two people had phoned to ask if I needed anything.  So to all you kind people who keep an eye on neighbours anywhere, thank you.  The recipients of your kindness will appreciate it.  

But I don't want to become dependent on others more than I have to So I have to look after myself in March, recover from these three weeks of weakness and get back on my feet.  In fact I'm going to mollycoddle me.  My other blog is going to be about doing quite a bit of sorting but this one is about being gentle with me. I've got a few treats in mind but I also want to look after me in the course of my everyday life.

Anybody else up for it? 

Tuesday 20 February 2018


It was a mistake!  Never again!  Never again will I call a post February Fitness.

February was OK for a few days and then it was downhill.  I'm fairly sure that it is "only" a cold but it has knocked me for six.  I can't remember one like it.   When I'm feeling ill I don't like other people so I've spent a week in bed.   Ten days into the cold I still feel really ill.

And that's when I rely on the kindness of others.  I'm never able to drink coffee when I'm ill so I've needed a constant stream of orange juice but my dear friend Claire has kept me supplied.  She also offered bed changing and laundry but I have a big enough supply of bed-linen.  

I live alone.  I am disabled.  I am getting older.  I have frequent need of the kindness of others.  And I am rarely disappointed.

Friday 2 February 2018

February Fitness

Anybody who knows me personally may greet a post about fitness with a delicately raised eyebrow as not only am I not an athlete, I'm not even the person you would ask to fire a starting pistol.  I've never been sporty - but I still need to maintain the level of fitness which I have.

That level is pretty low.  I used to have a dog but can no longer walk a dog so Fido hasn't been replaced.  These days I can manage about a hundred yards on a good day, some days a few painful yards from the car to the house are about as much as I can manage.

But I don't want to give up on myself.  I work on the "Use it or lose it" principle for the abilities I still have.  A few years ago I bought a FitBit One, a handy device to measure steps walked, steps climbed and one or two other fancy bits.  I wear mine very discretely (clipped to my knickers if you really want to know) and I wear it all the time.  I keep a record of how many steps I walk around the house and garden and anywhere else I feel safe walking.  For most people the sort of staggering around I do would not count as "steps" but I am me.

In January 2016 my average steps each day was just 950.  January 2018 I averaged 1650.  One day I managed 3700 but the next day I was in a lot of pain,  For most people my average would be woefully inadequate but for me the fact that I can move more now than I did two years ago is really important.  

Thursday 1 February 2018

Friendly February

I'm a great fan of happiness - I hope that doesn't surprise you!

I don't think happiness just happens (!) but I think it's usually a by-product of something else.  I think we need to seek happiness and cultivate it.

I don't think that happiness can be found on-line, but there are on line "helps".  One of these is Action For Happiness.  I've been using the site on-and-off for quite a while.  They promote ten key areas for cultivating happiness, including things like doing kind things for others, taking care of your body - all things which may provoke the reaction, "Well, duh!" but I sometimes need to be reminded.

I've just discovered that each month they produce a calendar - this month is Friendly February - and each day they make one simple suggestion to help happiness along.  (I've put links to help you find the site and the calendar should you feel inspired.  I tried to put the calendar in this post but Blogger wasn't happy.)  They have promised Mindful March, Active April and so on.

Today's action is Send someone a message to say how much they mean to you.  Well, this is my message.

Thank you for reading my blog and thank you especially if you leave comments.  Thank you for your own blogs and the inspiration they give me.  Thank you to the lovely bloggers I've met in real life and those with whom I have e mail or snail mail contact.  And although I doubt whether he'll read this, Thank you Tim Berners Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, who made possible this wonderful method of meeting other people.

A New Month

I feel in need of a new month.  January seemed endless.  I don't know why I wasn't expecting that.  Most years I have commented about the bleughness of January on my blog.

But it was not a month of nothing

I went to Normanby and enjoyed the sunshine.

I took two funerals and spoke at a third.  I officiated only once on a Sunday.  

I did a lot of visiting of elderly people (even older than me!).

No crafting to speak of has been done apart from a little knitting. 

I have sorted a new car.

I’ve made a fair start on sorting the garage.

But it's not been a particularly great month.

But February is a whole new month and I've decided it will be a month for me.  Crafting, cooking, pampering, days out - they're all possible.   

Bring it on!