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Friday, 5 September 2014

Hats for sailors

  OK, so Bobo is still sitting half clothed on the chair in the corner of the sitting room.  I’ve now found the fabric for his trousers and I’ve had the sewing machine repaired.  Soon I shall wield my dressmaking scissors and Bobo’s dignity will once again be assured.

However, I have not been idle.  I always have a knitting project at the side of my chair and it is often knitting hats for The Sailors Society.  Every year they distribute over 10,000 parcels, each containing a woolly hat, small toiletry items and a Christmas card with a handwritten message of goodwill.
I aim to knit ten to twenty each year and today I posted eight, my second parcel of the year.  

It must be the simplest pattern out after knitting a plain scarf.  I'm never going to set the world on fire with my ability to knit but I know that eight seafarers will be a little bit more comfortable because of my efforts.


  1. What you do is very charitable; I'm sure they are very grateful. I live near Greenwich and although the home and seamans hospital are used for other things now, there are still almshouses - although you probably don't have to be an ex sailor these days.

    Could you direct me to the pattern? Simple knitting is all I do really, the days of jumpers knitting is now over. Our son has to wear a hat all year round, easier in summer, harder to find a simple non scratchy one in winter. Due to radiotherapy years ago and 3 brain surgeries, he has no hair to speak of left now. I thought I would buy some cashmere yarn from ebay - he has so many winter hats but he finds most are uncomfortable! No worries if it isn't possible, I will hunt about online.

    1. Hi Treelover, I'm really sorry to hear about your troubles. I've just done a post with my pattern. It's one I compiled myself so I apologise for any errors but it's a pattern which will forgive "variations"!