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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

An Exciting Parcel

When I came home this evening there was a parcel waiting.  It was the first of the vegetable plug plants which I have ordered for this winter.  Swiss chard, winter lettuce and lamb's lettuce.  Tomorrow I shall get out into the garden and start planting.  Jack prepared the vegetable bed when he came last week.

There is something so exciting about planting.  I buy plugs these days as I like a wide variety of plants but just a few of each type so seeds are not really suitable.  I've always enjoyed growing things to eat. One of my earliest memories is of sowing radish "French Breakfast" with my Daddy and being so proud when we ate what I had grown.  I still grow radishes in the summer and radish shoots to enliven my salads in the winter.  I shall have carrots, broad beans, kale, cabbage and sprouting brocolli in my garden in the next few days in addition to the plugs which came today.

My vegetable garden is very small and self sufficiency would be unrealistic but the treasure that can be found in a vegetable plot is hard to beat.


  1. I totally agree a veg plot is definitely treasure and you can certainly taste the difference straight from the garden.

  2. Our vegetable plot is very small, just a long raised bed. But we have had crops of potato, leeks, French beans, mange touts and runner beans.....enough for two of us and some for the freezer.