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Tuesday 23 May 2023

Two visitors to my garden

One had to rescue the other!

The amphibian is making his way out of the garden.  The other visitor wants potato and leek soup so will be staying a while.

Wednesday 10 May 2023

The celebrations continue


Our Federation Choir came to sing to our Women's Institute today to help us celebrate the coronation.  It was great to join in with Jerusalem for starters and then to listen to The Women's Singstitute  singing around the British Isles with such oldies as  The Skye Boat Song, They're Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace and Ferry Cross the Mersey. Best of all they sang our county song, The Lincolnshire Poacher.  

Afternoon Tea (at lunch time!) was followed by a celebration cake.  And a VIP to cut it.

And to put the icing on my personal cake, I won the competition with my replica anointing spoon.  

It would appear that the link to my post about the anointing spoon may not be working.  You can find it at

Monday 8 May 2023

Clarissa the Crowned Corgi

 Remember Normanby church which I mentioned yesterday?  It has a new guard dog at the gate.  Meet Clarissa.

I wonder if corgis will continue to be seen as the royal dog.  The present King and Queen favour Jack Russels.  Battersea specials.

Sunday 7 May 2023

Great fun, this retirement lark

Stainton le Vale

 One of my close (clergy) friends has been on a cruise around the world in eighty days (lucky girl!) and will be back next weekend.  So next Sunday will be the last of a run of twelve Sundays when I have been booked to take her services.  These are the churches where I have been doing my bit with God's help.  It's still a joy to serve Him but it's getting to be a rather tiring joy!
Normanby le Wold

Great fun, this retirement lark.  I started to draw my pension over thirteen years ago but I keep being needed to cover for sickness and holidays.  I'm no longer willing to cover because a parish wants more services than the regular clergy can take but I want the regular clergy to have holidays and to recover from illness so I still help out.  

I'm glad to help because I care about my fellow clergy and their congregations.  There are far less clergy on the payroll now than when I started in ministry over thirty years ago and those who are in stipendiary ministry are having to work even harder.

I'm leading worship next Sunday then I have one Sunday off before I take two services the last Sunday in the month.  Great fun, this retirement lark!


Saturday 6 May 2023

Coronation Day 2023

I feel it's pretty unfashionable to say this, but I am looking forward to my day in front of the TV watching the Coronation.  We have a Caistor "Street Party" tomorrow which I may go, to but today I have sorted a plate of snacky bits, and got my knitting out for a day at home.

I wrote yesterday about the 1953 bash but this one will be very different.  I haven't heard of any distribution of Coronation mugs to school children, but maybe that wouldn't be appropriate in a time of fiscal restraint.  I have seen a few Coronation souvenirs.  I had hoped to buy a commemorative tin of biscuits so that I could eat the bikkies and keep the tin, but none of our local supermarkets had such a thing.  I understand that M & S had some but that's quite a way for me to go.  Instead I have had to buy an empty tin which is probably better for my waistline.  

What there has been a lot of is single-use tat like single use Union Flag decorated bowls, plates and hats.  This seems a shame as the King has tried to emphasise sustainability in the elements of today over which he has had influence. 

Looking back at my pictures of the 1953 street party there is a noticeable lack of decorations.  This time my neighbours have displayed the Union Flags and bunting which they used for the Diamond Jubilee, VE Day and the Platinum Jubilee.  I went through my not inconsiderable stash and made guardsmen for my bungalow.  Don't worry they'll get stashed away for whatever we have next!

Friday 5 May 2023

Coronation 1953

No, I'm not on this one!

 To be honest, I don't remember it!  I was less than two years old but I was Miss Coronation Queen for our street.  

I lived on a quiet street and there would  not have been many cars around.  Residents just decided anong themselves to have a street party - there was no need to ask anyone's permission in those days!  Dressing up costumes were all home made.

We lived about half way along the street so my parents and our neighbours took their dining tables outside and all the children had a feast - quite an event in those years of post war austerity!  I am the little tot at the far end of the table.

All schoolchildren received a commemorative mug from the Local Education Authority.  I was far too young to be at school so my parents bought me my commemorative gift themselves, this replica of the anointing spoon.