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Friday 29 April 2016

My postman

I've got the best postman in the world and it's no good you telling me yours is better!

When it's hot weather (remember that?) I watch out for him and give him an ice lolly to show my appreciation but he's wonderful for everybody.  He seems to do his round at the trot, wearing shorts no matter what the weather is like.  He's got a smile for everyone and we have an "arrangement" when parcels which won't go through the letterbox need to be delivered and I'm not in.

And of course he brings wonderful things!  Actually I've just realised that's an advantage of on-line billing - whatever the postman brings now is lovely!  Today was an especially good day.  He brought a letter all the way from Texas!  (No', I don't think he brought it all the way, just the last leg of its journey.)  

This handmade card brought me joy in January and is still on display
You can't beat a real letter for bringing pleasure.  I know somebody will say that postage is very expensive but I truly think it is wonderful value for money.  I don't know what it cost my lovely penfriend to send that letter but I know it will cost me £1.33 to send a reply.  If I send a letter in this country it costs 55p or 64p first class.  That's less than a bunch of daffs and gives just as much pleasure if not more.  I keep letters for ages, reading and re-reading them, delighting in the quirks of handwriting and the care which my correspondent has put into her creation.  If I am lucky enough to receive a letter on a handmade card it is on display for weeks if not months.
Writing a letter takes real effort.  These days we dash off e mails or pick up the phone without much of a second thought but to write a letter takes a bit of planning.  Once it is written it has to be taken to the post box, or even the Post Office if it is going abroad and I'm not sure of postage.

It's National Stationery Week.  Neither my postman nor my pen will be stationary!

Wednesday 27 April 2016

I'm glad I went to Normanby last week

I'm glad I went to Normanby last week.  Almost the first thing I saw was this fine fellow sunning himself.  There's something very supercilious about a peacock, don't you think?

The walk/trundle around the park was wonderful with bright sunshine showing these glorious primroses to their best advantage.

Why is that this glorious reflection of the sun is so undervalued? Surely I can't be the only person who finds them beautiful.  

And today we have had rain, hail, snow amd almost everything else bar fog.

I'm glad I went to Normanby last week

Tuesday 26 April 2016

Learning again!

You know what they say about waiting for ever for a number eleven bus then three come along at once?  Well, substitute learning activities for the number eleven and it's been like that for me.

On Friday I went to Mandy and made cards, yesterday the dog ate my homework, and today I've been to a hanging basket class.  It was for our Trefoil Guild (Girlguiding for Grownups) and a we went to the Willows Garden Centre at Glentham, a few miles from here.  It's quite a small garden centre but it's very friendly and eight of us had the run of the plant area as we made up the hanging baskets for our homes.  I made two and had a lovely time!  They are standing in large plant pots here as that is the easiest way to hold them steady.

The best bit about doing them at the garden centre is that we could help ourselves to whatever plants we wanted as we wanted them and we paid when we had finished.  Afterwards we all went into the restaurant and indulged.  Not a bad day out! We've all decided that we would like to do the same thing next year.

I'll try to photograph them for this blog as the year progresses.  They will have to stay inside for a few weeks.  We've had glorious sunshine and sharp hailstones here today.  Weird weather!

Monday 25 April 2016

The dog ate my homework!

One of the best things about retirement is the opportunity of learning new things.  I've written before about MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and opportunities to go on day, evening or weekend courses but just recently I decided to join our local U3A - the University of the Third Age.

U3A  isn't as solemn as it sounds.  Each month there is a general meeting which includes a talk - next month ours is on Morecambe and Wise "with a bit of magic thrown in" but there are also small interest groups.  I've signed on for just one for starters - paper engineering.  This morning I went to my first session and we made this model.

It's quite hard to photograph because it's actually a moving model with cams to cause the dog to shake his head as though "worrying" the book - there's a handle on the far side to turn to make this happen.  

Next time we've been promised a flying cow.  Watch this space!

Sunday 24 April 2016

Not for those of a nervous disposition

Sorry for the prolonged blogging silence.  There was nothing wrong, no particular reason, it's just that the mojo went AWOL!  Actually several bloggers whose works of art I read regularly seem to have had a similar experience and are now starting to get back on track.

My camera seems very unenthusiastic about getting back to work, in fact I think it has died, Anyway, I found a very old camera and for the moment I will make do with that.  I have a couple of large bills in the next few months and financial austerity is the order of the day here at Frugal Follies.
I've been getting out and about quite a bit and this last week I went to Mandy's so here are the fruits of my labours, photographed with the old camera.  Those of a nervous disposition should avert their eyes for the last one.  
Mandy is demonstrating a Christmas card each month.
Be warned if you don't like Christmas before December!

Saturday 23 April 2016


Our Bill
St George
Four hundred years of The Bard!  I wonder what Mary Arden thought she was unleashing on the world when she gave birth four hundred and fifty two years ago?  She could not have imagined how that mewling and puking scrap of humanity would make an impact on all the English speaking world once he had finished creeping unwillingly to school, come to man's estate and had made the world his stage.  Four hundred and fifty two years ago today (or thereabouts!) he was born, four hundred years ago today he died on England's national day, St George's Day.  So cry God for England, Willy and St George!
Elizabeth II - Bond Girl!

The big birthday this week though was a ninetieth, that of Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Mountbatten-Windsor.  What an amazing woman!  Seeing photographs of her or television footage one would guess at someone in her sixties or at most, in her seventies.  I still smile when I think about the Olympic opening ceremony.  Her birthday celebrations will be going on for several months so I don't feel too bad at being slightly late in saying, Happy Birthday, Ma'am.

And in my own family we have been celebrating a special lady too.  Auntie Hettie was 91 this week.  For most people she isn't as important as either William S or Elizabeth R but for me she is one tremendous gal.  

Friday 1 April 2016


I came home from church last Sunday and I still haven't left the house again!  I've had a truly disgusting cold so I've gone to ground.

I think there were twenty originally!
But I can honestly say I have had a wonderful Easter.  Until a couple of years ago Auntie Hettie always made Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday but she's now delegated responsibility to her daughter so at eight o'clock on Good Friday morning I was there with a very healthy appetite. 

Easter Sunday was its usual wonderful self and once again I shouted "Alleluia!  Christ is risen!" inciting the congregation to shout back, "He is risen indeed!  Alleluia!".  I can shout louder than all of them put together.  

The cards I received
A copy of the cards I sent

Then home and back to bed I'm afraid, but nothing can detract from the wonder which is Easter.  I had some lovely Easter cards and sent quite a few myself.  There is something very special about Easter cards.  I send far less cards than at Christmas but each that I send is to someone who I know shares something of my faith.  There's much less "Oh, I have to send a card to so-and-so because I know they'll send one to me".  I've had lovely wishes in the form of e mails in response to both e cards and snail mail cards.  Thank you if you have been one of my well wishers.  As I said, I've been feeling a bit rough all week and lovely Christian wishes have done me a power of good!

A very happy Auntie Hettie

The loveliest part of Easter though happened a few days earlier when Auntie Hettie met her latest great-great-niece.  It was a reminder that God gives New Life in every way imaginable.

I am about to start my Sabbath, that special time for me and God.  I have so much for which to be thankful.

Every blessing.