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Sunday 31 January 2021

Looking back at January

 I really wasn't looking forward to January 2021.  January is never a good month for me.  The fun and friendliness of Christmas is over and spring still feels a long way off.  Most years I book a bargain break in February to give myself something to look forward to but that wasn't an option this year.  

But I knew January was coming so I planned for it.  I cooked lots of lovely food and froze it to avoid that vicious cycle of not feeling like cooking and then eating rubbish food so I feel even worse.  I invested in a daylight lamp to minimise the risk of SAD.

And January was good.  I really enjoyed the food I had prepared.  I enjoyed the walking.  I enjoyed seeing friends on zoom or just talking to them on the phone.  I planned lovely things to do when I can go out.  I appreciated my home.  I've helped lead worship on-line.  I've been very grateful to all the people who have helped me stay safe.  I've done several on-line craft courses.  

And I have been happy.  Who would have thought that January 2021 would be my happiest January in years?

Saturday 23 January 2021

Jack isn't a happy bunny


He has got shingles and isn't happy.

He was due to get his covid vaccine today and has had to postpone.

Get well soon, Jack!

(Jack will see your comments but cannot reply to them.)

Wednesday 20 January 2021

Congratulations and best wishes

 My congratulations and best wishes to my American friends on this very special day.  My prayers are with you.  God bless America!  

Friday 15 January 2021

A Whole New Day

 Yesterday wasn't a good day for me.  Physically I felt slightly under the weather.  And the weather was definitely under the weather!  

I couldn't go out for a walk.  The non stick pan could be prosecuted under the trade descriptions act.  I ached.  I wanted to eat non stop.  I couldn't even be bothered to achieve my step target by walking around the house.  I spent the day doing rubbish stuff on the pooter.  You get the picture.

But today is a whole new day!  I'm up, dressed and by 8.30 I had done a quarter of my target steps.  I've phoned Jack and had the great pleasure of waking him.  I've planned my meals for the day.  I'm feeling purposeful and "over the weather" (which is even more horrid than yesterday).

And that's the pleasure of a whole new day.  Each morning I wake and lay in bed and think of all the wonderful things I can do.  Today a cousin is coming.  Claire-from-along-the-road and I have been out for a walk.  I'm doing an on-line sewing course with the Women's Institute.  

And I can (almost) forget how grotty yesterday was!

Friday 8 January 2021

I really enjoy . . .

 . . . the lovely things I have in my house!

Many thanks for all the comments on my last post.  I was surprised to see that so many mentioned my pretty plates.  It's all "Haddon Hall" china made by Minton.  I've collected it for about fifty years, since I was a teenager and I still love it.  At first I had just a cup, a saucer and a side plate but now I use it all the time and it still gives me great pleasure.   

I am always surprised when people say "things" mean very little to them.  I suppose what they are saying is that people are more important than possessions and I would have to agree, but many of the lovely things I have carry deep meaning for me.  In my sitting room there is a chest of drawers which belonged in turn to me great grandmother, my grandmother and my mother.  I have a Pembroke table passed down from my grandmother via my mother and my sister.  There's an Arts & Crafts chair given me by friends.  These are all of monetary value but it is the associations they carry which are more important than £sd.  

I think that is one of the joys of growing older.  As far as I can I follow William Morris's advice and try to make sure I believe my possessions beautiful and/or know them to be useful.  I am no longer interested in things which are just "cute".  I don't have to buy the cheapest of anything but I can afford the time and the cash to buy good design -  I've just replaced my vegetable peeling knife and my new one certainly isn't cheap but it is well designed and will last me many years (as did the previous one). 

Wednesday 6 January 2021

Tasty joy

 Some things about the pandemic have been awful and if you had Covid or you have lost someone you love, you have my sympathy.  My sympathy too if you have been separated from the people you love.

However, there have been some really good things happening this year and, for me, one the great things has been rediscovering some dishes which I don't often bother to cook.  Today when I came back from my walk I tried to think of something which I "fancied" for my breakfast and suddenly I thought of cheese omelette.
Oh, it was good!  I fried it in butter and just let the cheese melt on top of the eggs before I folded it and slid it on to my plate.  I had time to savour every mouthful.  There are still these lovely flowers on my table from Christmas and that's the only photograph I have because the omelette was far too good to delay eating while I found the camera!

Monday 4 January 2021

Seeking Joy!

Over the years I have established a custom of looking for joy in January on this blog.  January can be such a bleugh month and looking for the lovely things isn't a bad habit to cultivate at any time of the year.

My first "joy" of 2021 is actually very hard work for me - I'm still walking around the block almost every day as I have since about 20th November!  Actually I didn't walk outside yesterday as it was rather icy so I just did my steps indoors, but I've just been out today and I've made arrangements with Claire-along-the-road to go out tomorrow.  To be honest it isn't getting much easier.  I don't feel ready to increase my distance and I still need quite a lot of stops, but the effect on my self-esteem is amazing!   I doubt if it will ever be easy physically.  However, my neighbours reckon I'm walking much better so I'm still claiming my gold star.  

And I'm celebrating my very good friend Claire who cares enough to come out and encourage me come rain or shine.  Truly a wonderful friend.