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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Brownie Rebels

I decided that today I would take my knitting needles (and Bobo) out for the day so off I trotted to Normanby Park.  I took a picnic (in keeping with my project on my other blog) and the trundle truck. 

The park includes a large house built in the early nineteenth century by the Sheffield family.  In 1964 they leased the park to the (then) Scunthorpe Borough Council and since then it has been a wonderful place for local people to go and enjoy the gardens, look for the deer or maybe enjoy a round of golf.

The first time I went to the park was while the Sheffield family was still living there.  I was eight and I went to Brownie Revels.  “Revels” sounds wonderful but my eight year old ears mis-heard and I called it Brownie Rebels which I personally think is even more wonderful.  As a thank you to the Sheffield family we all squatted on the ground in front of the house forming together the words “Golden Jubilee 1910 – 1960.  The Sheffield family looked down from the first floor at hundreds of little girls but I have never seen a picture of that event.  I would love to find one!


Normanby is a wonderful place for children.  It’s term time now so there were few around today but what child wouldn’t want to hear a story from a “Once Upon A Time” chair?


I remember climbing on this tree all those years ago when I went to Normanby as a Brownie.

I sat on a bench and knitted and had my picnic lunch.  You will be pleased to know that I have made progress with Bobo's Footwear Mark 2.  But, I have to admit, not much.


  1. Isn't wonderful to visit somewhere that holds such special memories? Sounds like you had a really good time.

  2. Picnic and knitting, sounds like a perfect day out :)

  3. It was great, thank you each. What was amazing was that there was hardly anybody else there - and yet it has been a beautiful day.

  4. That sounds like a most enjoyable day.