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Sunday, 12 September 2021


 I've been feeling a little anxious all week.  During the pandemic I haven't been much involved in leading worship and have only done so with another priest but today I was alone.  To add to my anxiety my service was at Sixhills, a church I had never been to before.  A dear friend and fellow priest e mailed me, . "Remember you are not flying solo.  There is a far greater high priest standing alongside you. "

All Saints' Church, Sixhills

So off I went to Sixhills.  Isn't it a dear little church!  And there was a lovely congregation of about eight.  There was an organist so we were able to sing (keeping masks on) and they've said I'm allowed to go again so probably I was OK. 

I probably won't be leading again much before Christmas as I have to isolate before surgery and then expect to take a while to recover and get on my feet.  The memory of today wll be important.  

It's good to serve that Great High Priest


  1. Sounds like you did well and you must have a date set for surgery. That true?

  2. Glad all went well. It is indeed good to serve the Great High Priest.

  3. God always has our back and we all need to be reminded of that once in awhile. Sounds as if you did very well.

    God bless.

  4. Sounds as though it all went really well, that High Priest was there all the time.. great isn't He?

  5. "There is a far greater Priest standing beside you", is something I want to always remember and know. I would like to have attended that service.