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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

So how was October?

In short, not bad at all, thank you for asking. 

First of all the bad - let's get that out of the way.  Here's my original list for October

Start scanning the family tree
Knit at least a sleeve on the sweater
Persevere with the crochet.
Take a harvest festival.  
Get my sewing machine back and get the skirt made.
Make the stocking and wrap the stuff to go in it.
Make that freezer inventory.

Well, let's say it's easier to say what I did than list what I didn't.  I'm just about at the cuff on the sweater (knitted on a circular needle starting from the top), I took the Harvest Festival, retrieved my sewing machine and got quite a bit done on the skirt, and defrosted and sorted the freezer.

However I have been by no means idle.
I knitted two hats for a charity and one scarf as a Christmas present.
I went to WI at Brigg and learnt about wet felting.  (I'd done some wet felting years ago but it was still interesting.)
I did a lot of visiting of sick, elderly or lonely people.
I conducted two funerals.
I lead worship each Sunday.
I had two competition wins and a small win on a free lotto.
And I treated myself to a back massage yesterday to round off the month.

So now to plan November!


  1. and I thought you were retired!!
    Hope November plans are just as enjoyable ( apart from the funerals I guess)

    1. I love retirement! I'm planning that November will be great.

  2. October was just regular life. We are settling well into a fall routine-nothing dramatic but good.

  3. October is my favorite month. t appears I missed it this year. It rained almost the entire month and I was in the house. Now it is November and cold and -- wait for it -- RAINING! I think Texas might just wash off the map.

    1. Sorry you missed October - let me just say that it was fun.

  4. Three cheers for retirement! It sounds as though you had an enjoyable and fulfilling month. Here's to a wonderful November.

  5. Fun filled month apart from the funerals, Glad to read you are persevering with the crochet once you have cracked the basics it does grow very quickly.

    1. The funerals are quite satisfying and, let us never forget, the fees finance some of my fun!