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Sunday, 21 October 2018

North Owersby

North Owersby is a place which always gets me wondering. The church is well away from the rest of the village with only the old vicarage and a few newish houses nearby.  I suppose like many Lincolnshire villages the village gradually moved away from the church.

The church was rebuilt in 1792 using mediaeval masonry, and then altered completely in 1888.  It's very light and airy but not the prettiest of churches.

Well it's not pretty until you look at the windows.  At first glance they're nothing to write home about (or even write a blog post about).

But look again  Look at the little roundels at the top of each window.

I go into many churches but I've never seen such sweet little roundels.  British birds, the same birds as sing in the churchyard.  Wonderful!


  1. What beautiful stained glass.

  2. It would be so easy to miss those charming little birds.

  3. I love birds! These windows are so lovely!

  4. Stunning, a real feast for the eyes.

  5. I wonder if a local family commissioned the bird roundels, maybe as a memoriam to the peaceful birdsong found around that church. Noticeably the rest of the windows are pretty patterns rather than the usual saints. I wonder why?

    1. I have the feeling of a strong non-conformist influence in this church. I think I will do another post about it in a few weeks. I need to take some more photos.

  6. The little bird roundels are a charming (and softening) addition to what looks like a sensible, no-nonsense church. Well spotted.