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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Brightwater gardens

Another day out - this time with Brigg Women's Institute.

It's great to visit a real twenty first century garden.  So many gardens we can visit are lovely but part of their loveliness is that they have been there for centuries and have developed over the years.  Brightwater Garden is less than twenty years old so comparatively new.  

Some parts are formally designed like this wonderful peony garden.  Unfortunately the peonies haven't enjoyed the changeable weather this year.

It's a delightful garden designed by owners who have a passion for wildlife so although it has its formal areas there are also swathes of wildflowers. 

 Many plants are bee and butterfly friendly.

When I sat on this bench I did so with great care as I was sharing it with a bee!  There was the odd butterfly in evidence today but the weather wasn't at its most papilionem friendly - maybe as the year gets warmer.

Ellie the dog runs along this wall checking on visitors.

And even Basil the lawnmower runs free near the wildlife pond as he keeps himself very busy.

A lovely morning out although quite a lot of the garden isn't mobility scooter accessible. Sadly this is the last year that the garden will be open other than at snowdrop time.


  1. Beautiful, even though you can't 'ride' all over it.

    An automatic lawn mower??????????? Like those things they have in houses, to pick up things on floors????

    I have never even heard of one of these!!!!!

    Will wonders never cease?!?

    Betcha' it doesn't make a loud noise, like all the ride around mowers, and etc. Which would be the most wonderful part of it, to me. Ohhh the noise, all those yard maintenance machines made. -sigh-

    1. Yes, Basil is the stuff of dreams, quiet, hardworking, never complaining and totally at your service.

  2. I love the ethos behind this lovely garden, the wild part, the bee and butterfly friendliness, even Basil the Automaton.
    My Peonies are just coming into bloom but the first flowers are affected by the constant rain and cold winds.
    The best part of the garden for me would have been the gorgeous Ellie, though. She would have had my undivided attention.

  3. Wow, I have never come across an automatic lawn mower, I could certainly do with one here. Such a beautiful garden, shame it won't be opening again.

    1. I used to have an automatic floor sweeper when I lived in a much larger house and was regularly sent details of lawn mowers. I preferred Jack's ministrations for my lawn!

  4. Just lost my comment. I remarked about the lawnmower as others did. I hope this comment goes through. Lovely garden. Thanks for sharing.

    1. This one got through OK. Basil seems to be very popular!