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Saturday, 16 January 2016

I Am A Winner!

Don't tell anybody, but I'm a comper.

Not heard the word?  My spell checker hadn't either but it just means I enter competitions. A lot of them.  A Very Lot of them.  And occasionally I win.  

I don't like to do nothing when I sit down to drink a coffee or watch the TV so I have all sorts of activities within reach of my armchair.  Competitions are often on line so there is no cost involved and although the chances of winning any particular competition are slim, enter enough and your personal odds of being a winner aren't bad. (OK, maybe I should get a life.)

Anyway, today I checked my spam folder and there it was, "You Are A Winner".  Quite a useful win of nine "clip and close" boxes.  Wins in the last few months have included tickets for the Proms, for a West End Musical, and life coaching.  Back in 2012, well before I started to get methodical about comping, I won tickets for the Olympics.

So, a special joy for today I know without a shadow of a doubt



  1. I have never heard of these competitions -- maybe we don't have them here? Congratulations, though! It sounds like you have done well. If I could, I would enter them as well!

  2. Congratulations, a great prize for storing all those little crafty bits and pieces.

  3. Well done - a useful prize indeed. I only 'comp' occasionally, but just won a load of breakfast vouchers for Leon, a London restaurant chain. Very welcome as our first grandchild is imminent, and I suspect we will be up in the city a little more than usual in coming months. Like you, I only do the online ones, that are free. My daughter makes it her hobby and has won loads of stuff - which she generously shares with others. Congratulations on your win x

  4. I'm not organized or patient enough. I did once win a radio call in for knowing a Dr Seuss Green Eggs and Ham trivia questions. A bouquet of flowers and a DVD movie. It ended up being three bouquets of flowers-one a month for three months, Great win for you FC.

  5. Wow, fantastic! Those are amazing prizes that you have won. Our son used to do the competitions in our local newspaper (they don't do them now) and he won a number of things including tickets for shows which he always gave away. I love those clip boxes as they are air tight and so useful. A very productive hobby!