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Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Adjusting 10 - a plea

 I've been rather secluded for over 400 days now so I've done all the adjusting I need to do to cope with seclusion!  I'm beginning to think more about adjusting to going out instead.

I've had a bit of a whammy on that front though.  Back in February I got very excited when I was vaccinated.  Whoopee, I thought.  I'll soon be immune to this wretched virus.


Back in July 2020 I wrote about being part of a survey for the Office for National Statistics and having swab and blood tests on a regular basis to see if I have (or have had) Covid.  I'm still having the tests and my blood should now show that I have developed antibodies as I have been vaccinated.  Unfortunately both the tests which have been done since I had my jab (Pfizer, if you're interested) do not show that antibodies have developed.  

So suddenly I feel vulnerable again.  

If you are wondering whether or not to have the vaccine, please have it.  There are others for whom vaccination will not work and we rely on as many people as possible to do their bit so the virus can be eliminated.



  1. That is disappointing news for you - hopefully your second shot will show some improvement. I had the Pfizer shot last week and I'm not scheduled for my second one until August - but hopefully sooner. There are now pop up clinics daily, massive city sites and 1400 pharmacies in the province are vaccinating people now - some are staying open 24 hours a day! My province is back in a "stay at home" order for at least another month so I think that news has encouraged more people to get out there! Stay safe.

  2. How strange that after the shot you show no antibodies. Could their test be flawed? But you're right to still be cautious. We all need to be because even after having the shots, one is still susceptible to getting Covid just not as severely.

  3. I've been following your blogs for a while now. According to the Centers for Disease Control in the USA, antibody tests to see if the vaccine has worked are very inaccurate, giving many false negatives. Hopefully the vaccine has worked for you, but being careful is very wise! Best, Celie

  4. Oh Mary! I do hope that test was inaccurate and that you have got antibodies now. Can you be tested again? Maybe after your 2nd jab? I am wondering how many more people, after having both jabs and feeling well on their way to being as safe as possible, are actually not as safe as they think. I am gradually venturing out, not to shops and croded places, but to very quiet areas where I can keep myself to myself. It's a nervous version of me that encounters actual people! I keep a mask in the car, one in my coat pocket and one in my handbag. What a strange, frightening world we inhabit now.

  5. That is very disappointing that you have not developed antibodies; perhaps the test is inaccurate. Will they give you another test? I read that the Moderna vax which I had, is 95 percent effective which means 5 percent of those who got the vax are not protected. I did go out to lunch for my birthday recently with two friends who are vaxed, we ate on an outdoor deck at the ocean. Be well my friend.

  6. Just to say that I hope you're ok and keeping well. Love and prayers, Barbara