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Thursday, 21 November 2019

Life isn't all a bowl of cherries

Life is not at its brilliant best at the moment.  I've got tendonitis in my left shoulder which means that out of my four limbs only my right arm can be reckoned to be in full working order.  If I forget and raise my left arm to adjust my glasses life is very painful.  I'm waiting for an appointment for a steroid injection.

Then there's the dining room/sewing room/spare bedroom.  It is. to say the least, soggy.  I had noticed a strange smell there for a while but couldn't track it down until I went in bare foot and found myself paddling.  The radiator had been leaking and the carpet was soaked.  The landlord arranged a plumber so the radiator has been drained and will be replaced next week.  In the meantime I've shut the door, opened the windows and things are slowly drying out. I've moved the sewing stuff out and can hardly move in my bedroom! 

But Pollyanna should be my middle name.  I'm using the time while the dining room is empty to sort through the cupboards and drawers.  I've claimed a new carpet on my insurance so for just the cost of my excess I'm getting a spiffy new number although it won't be fitted until the end of January so that should give me plenty time to get sorted.

And even the tendonitis is helping me to think through a few gadgets I will need to help me retain my independence as the years go by.


  1. I had that injection once it was a lovely feeling as the pain seemed to ebb down the arm and out the fingers. Rushed home to enjoy being able to reach up and close the french door curtains. Hope you get yours very soon.

  2. So sorry about the radiator leak, but glad you have found the positives in it!

  3. Do hope your shoulder is relieved by the steroid injection. And that the room/carpet debacle comes to a satisfactory end.

  4. Ouch tendinitis is not fun. I hope the steroid injection works and relieves the pain.

    Sorry that the radiator leaked and caused such a big mess.

    God bless.

  5. Hello Pollyanna (smile), it is good that out of the soggy mess you will have a pretty new carpet. I hope you get your steroid injection for your shoulder soon, that way your healthy limbs will be 2 of 4. Better than 1 of 4, for sure.

  6. Like everyone else, I hope you don't have to wait too long for the steroid injection. I admire your positive attitude in taking the opportunity to do some planning!

    Reading about your leak has reminded me about an incident when I was a very young girl and, away on holiday, shared a bedroom with my younger brother. During the night, still half asleep, I got out of bed to go to the bathroom and was shocked to find myself paddling through water. I woke my parents, telling that my younger brother had weed on the floor...turns out there had been a storm and the rains had come up through the boards.