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Friday, 19 July 2019

More of my family

Four cousins - Hear no evil, see no evil, but no way do we shut up!
The family picnic last month was actually for my father's family.  When I organise it I invite all descendants of my paternal grandparents.  

Everybody smile!
 But of course I had a Mother as well as a Father and we have family get-together for that family too.  I have been involved in organising picnics for them too but in recent years one of my cousins and his wife (Jack and Sarah) have been the main instigators.  They've got four daughters and the baptisms of their five grandchildren have been great occasions for us all.  Two cousins don't live locally and aren't usually involved but the other four surviving cousins are very fond of get-togethers.

Jack and Sarah's daughter has been home from America and, as she and one of her sisters both had a birthday last Friday, we had a family barbecue.  


  1. It is nice to get together as a family every so often. Catch up on what's been happening, find out any news.

    God bless.

  2. Its always nice to have a family get together. Looks like a fun party.

  3. Great you could get together. There's always a lot to talk about at family gatherings isn't there?