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Friday, 8 January 2016

No brainer!

Today's pleasure really took no thinking about - the pleasure of a fine day!  It feels as though it has been raining for ever but today I woke up to a dry day.

And so the trundle truck and I went to Brigg, a small market town not far from home which has the great joy of free parking!  It's a great place for me to go as the town centre is largely pedestrianised and trundle truck accessible.  It's got lovely small shops including butchers and bakers and some medium sized supermarkets.  I didn't need much but I did need cash and I wanted some wool to complete a project.  

And I could rejoice in a dry day.  So many in this country are really suffering because of the very wet winter we have had but here in Lincolnshire we've had it wet but only very localised (and predictable) flooding.  Today Brigg was quiet and I could go to my favourite wool shop and my favourite "bargain" shop.  I could enjoy the view of the river.

We Brits pride ourselves on being able to moan about the weather, no matter what it's like, but today I just enjoyed it.


  1. It was a relief not to have rain today, we managed to get out and about to Gibraltar Point the nature reserve at Skegness. I like the garden centre at Brigg its a nice place for a wander.

  2. Brigg looks a really lovely place to visit.

    1. Brigg is indeed a lovely place to visit. The town centre is delightful and as MamasMercantile says, it also has a good garden centre

  3. What a lovely town. I keep making mental notes of all the potential places to spend months of my retirement in in the UK. Perhaps a different area each year-for as long as it lasts. Even if it never comes to fruition, I sure enjoy learning more about my second home in my heart.

  4. Isn't it a lovely thing to wake up to sunshine and a dry day? So, so fed up with the constant rain and dark skies. On a recent dry day, I drove to the nearest beach and although it was grey and windy, I so enjoyed being outside. Just an hour of bracing ozone set me up for the next few days of wet stuff.