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Saturday, 30 January 2016


I got very cold today.

I had to go to a memorial service in a nearby parish church.  The church actually has some heating but I know of few Anglican churches which are warm enough to sustain human life in January.

So I got cold.  And as the service was long I got very cold.  It got to the point where all I could think about was that I was cold

Usually when I am in church I control the length of the service.  My congregations seem to appreciate a brisk pace.  I appreciate my lovely warm, pure wool cassock.  Happiness.

But today the service was rather long.  I was in mufti.  And I was cold.  Maybe you have now got the idea that I was cold.  Just in case you haven't, I repeat, I was cold.

But today's joy was coming home and having a mug of homemade soup in a warm sitting room and with a home crocheted blanket around my legs.  And then microwaving my microwaveable teddy bear and curling up in bed.  So now I am warm.  Not cold.


  1. I have family in the northeast part of the country -- specifically Pennsylvania -- and they don't understand how I can live in Texas in, what they consider to be unbearable heat. I don't like to be cold. I could never live in Pennsylvania even though I would like to visit someday. I don't like being cold either. So glad you are warm now!

  2. Maybe you need, dare I suggest, thermal underwear? Love the teddy!

    1. I just don't leave the house when it's cold! Normally in church I wear a cosy cassock and a lot of layers underneath. I once counted nine layers between me and the big wide world.

      The teddy is brilliant I can promise you!