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Sunday, 24 January 2016

An old fashioned delight

My parents both told me that when they were children Yorkshire Pudding was usually served with gravy before the beef ever appeared on the table.  Crafty mums in those days used to say that those who ate the most Yorkshire Pud and gravy could have the most meat, but of course anyone who pigged out on Yorkshires had the edge taken off their appetite.

British style pancakes - big and flat!
That wasn't the custom in my own childhood home but Mother used to make far more pudding batter than was needed and not all of it would be cooked on Sunday.  Instead Mother kept it for pancakes on Monday when she would be very busy washing and ironing and would need a quickly prepared meal.  She would also save any spare gravy from Sunday to eat with the first round of pancakes.

Yesterday I cooked a piece of pork for my lunch and found some pork gravy in the freezer but there was too much of it so I saved it for today.  Before I went to church I mixed some pancake batter and lunch today has been delicious pancakes and gravy.

It was SOOO good.  And any meal eaten whilst walking down Memory Lane has an extra savour!


  1. I have never heard of pancakes and gravy! We eat pancakes -- Bean LOVES them -- but we put maple syrup on them. Well, most of us do, Bean does not. She eats them just buttered. And she eats a lot of them. Sometimes I put chocolate chips in them too.

  2. I have never tried pancakes with gravy, we generally use them for a sweet. Memory Lane is always a good walk when it comes to food.

  3. I definitely remember that method of taking the edge off our appetites when I was a child. Mum would make a large Yorkshire Pudding in the big square meat tin; half would be put on our plates with gravy, once that was eaten it would be followed by the beef, roast potatoes, mash, carrots, cabbage and anything else that was growing in Dad's veg patch. Then the other half of the Yorkshire would be divided again into portions, which we enjoyed with butter and sugar. Yum!!!