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Wednesday, 9 November 2022

I is for Ingenuity

It's going to take a little effort to think of topics for each letter of the alphabet (although Sue is steaming through them!) and Imagination and Ingenuity will be called for.

But there is huge satisfaction in using ingenuity to solve a problem!  I enjoy solving sudoku and crossword puzzles but they cannot compete with the satisfaction I find in thinking of a substitute for an ingredient needed for a recipe but absent from my cupboard.  Or finding a route to avoid roadworks.  Or making do and mending rather than going out and buying more stuff.  

There is such satisfaction in a lightbulb moment!  When one has almost felt defeated by a problem and suddenly a solution pops into one's head and it really works!  Roll on lightbulb moments!

Now, I wonder if a little ingenuity could help me find a subject for J?  Somehow, I don't think that will be too difficult!  (Somebody has been dropping hints!)


  1. I'm sorted up to M but getting stuck on N. Might be N for Nothing!. Good luck with the rest of your A-Z's - it's great fun and thank you again for the idea

  2. J would be for Josh our eldest grandson, and with all our other grandchildren bring us JOY.

  3. J for Journey, and write about some of yours, near or far?

  4. Given your calling, one name immediately sprang to mind. Also Jack.

  5. the name associated with my calling is usually a little more subtle

  6. Love this post. I also feel the same light bulb moment when I figure out how to use something up or manage to figure out a substitution for an ingredient that I do not have.

    God bless.