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Tuesday, 27 September 2022

B is for blogging

You've probably realised that I am struggling a little to get back to blogging.  I doubt if I will get to thinking about what X, Y and Z are for but B for Blogging sounds like a good idea.

But why blog anyway?  It's a question which appears on many blogs from time to time and it's a question which probably occurs to most bloggers rather frequently, especially when they can't think what to write about.  I am in awe of people who publish every day!

I blog because I enjoy writing.  Each post is very carefully considered and I try very hard to use just the right words and careful grammar.  I like the feeling of contact with other people, most of whom I have never met - thank you anyone who comments.  I like reading other people's blogs and this is my contribution to the blogosphere.  

I have a Facebook account which I never use and I don't bother with Twitter, Instagram or anything else.  I don't approve comments before they are published but I delete any that are "dodgy".  I've never worked out why anyone would try and advertise escort services in Mumbai on a blog belonging to a retired lady vicar in Lincolnshire!   


  1. I too wonder how some bloggers can publish every day. I struggle with how personal to make my blog and usually opt not to share so deeply. With restrictions on photos of the grands that limits that as a subject as well. I don't get many comments but I see from the stats that my blog is viewed more than I think. I enjoy reading yours so keep on!

    1. The statistics are amazing. Far more people read than one would think.

  2. I love blogging, and I try and ensure my content is decent with good grammar, I do like to post photos, which I do like to look back on.

  3. Many is the time I have struggled to figure out what to talk about on my blog, but I really enjoy reading other blogs and I actually have even met a few of the bloggers I follow. I also feel like all the bloggers I follow are my friends and I worry about them when they don't post or go missing for extended periods of time.

    Not too sure if I use the correct grammar all the time, but I do try.

    God bless.

  4. I look at your blog each and every day and love it when you have a new post. Your blog is both inspiring and challenging. Sometimes I find I cannot leave a comment so I hope this does ‘settle’.