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Monday, 10 February 2020

The Ghost of Storm Ciara.

My armchair was so comfortable.  I fetched an extra throw and curled up as I listened to the storm raging overhead and felt grateful that I didn't need to go out again.

But from somewhere in the house I could hear a slow, ghostly drumbeat.  Eerie.  It needed investigation.  It seemed to be coming from the kitchen so being a brave woman I went through and waited for whatever apparition would come.  The drumbeats ceased.

I returned to my sitting room and relaxed but a few minutes later there it was again.  Drum.  Drum.  Drum.  My nerves were now on edge.  But I steeled myself.  I'm stronger than whatever "it" was.  Back to the kitchen and my lonely watch.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when again the drumbeat came.  Something had a cheek in doing its ghostly thing while I was there.

But when the next beat came I had to giggle.  Water was coming in over a window and dripping on to the lid of a Tupperware box.

Which may or may not explain why the electrics again failed yesterday.  But it is my explanation for the G & T I then consumed.


  1. I hope that was your only leak. Is the electric working again?

  2. Sorry about your little leak and power cut, hope all is well now. The devastation has been quite brutal in some parts of the country so it is a relief to say we faired very well.

  3. I hate water being where it shouldn’t be! We have always lived in places that had water issues of one sort or another — it is like a prerequisite for us. Glad it was just water on Tupperware and not something more challenging.

  4. I'm glad you solved the mystery drumming. When you live on your own, these unexplained noises can be worrying and un-nerving.

  5. Ha ha but not funny when you're alone and the noise is unexpected. Our bedroom door slammed as the force of the wind opened the bedroom window a little.. brrrr the wind whistling in was freezing. What a night, I feel for those people with flooded homes again, what a nightmare for them.

  6. I think I might just have cowered in the chair with the blankets over my head. I hope your electric is back up and functioning.

    God bless.

  7. Hope all is well now with no leaks and power restored.