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Friday, 29 December 2017

An Allotment Year

I remember my Mother speaking of someone as an allotment man.  She wasn't talking about vegetable gardening.  She meant that there was a lot meant - but not a lot done.  And 2017 has been an allotment year for me.

The trouble is that life has got in the way.  This woman proposes but God disposes (to misquote Thomas a Kempis).  There has been a lot of work done on the house because the house needed a lot of work to be done.  Changes have been made in the garden.

And Jack hasn't been because he's still got a gammy knee!  I'm not going to list all the changes in the house and garden because I'm teasing Jack by not letting him know.  I've managed to find a good gardener/handyman but Jack is also my friend.

My car is assessed to be beyond economic repair through no fault of my own.  I have to find some extra money to buy a new car.  And the nearest suitably adapted second hand car that I have been able to find is nearly a hundred miles away.

I've decluttered quite a bit, but there's still a long way to go.

I've managed to track all my expenditure for most of the year (quite an achievement for me) so I hope I can make better financial decisions next year.

I've increased my daily step count but only very slightly and I've been swimming a few times.

I've struggled to think of many achievements.  Truly an allotment year.


  1. Oh Mary, sorry to hear that the car needs replacing. You have a Berlingo, same as me, and I thought they went on for ever. I've had two now and never had any real trouble until a few weeks ago when it needed new wheel bearings - and I am convinced that's because of the long stretch of speed humps through our village. Grrrr!
    As for not achieving much - I beg to differ, when you constantly pray for people and are always concerned about others. These are truly achievements and much appreciated, I know. xx

  2. Thank you for that. You are very kind.

    The car got damaged in an accident at the end of December otherwise I think it would have gone on forever.

  3. I have never come across that phrase before, allotment year. Your generosity should be added to your list of achievements, I have so enjoyed reading the books you sent me.