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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Drive Through Memory Lane

Nothing else would do.  I just had to have a Big Mac!  It must be ten years since last I went to the Golden Arches but tonight I just had to go.

It must be over thirty years since I was driving home to Leicester one night and I passed a drive through.  I’d never been to McDonald’s before and I’d certainly never been to a drive through.  That night I was in a rush to get home but my mind kept straying back and a couple of weeks later I went on the nearly fifty mile round trip.  I was fascinated!  I remember I ordered a Big Mac and sat alone in my car to eat it.  I repeated the experience a few times but I can’t say I was ever hooked.  I like my food home cooked or at least not so stuffed with fat and salt.  

 But tonight I just had to have a Big Mac.  It was a mere nineteen mile round trip this time.  I seemed to have to queue for ever to place my order.  I can tell you that the speaker system for ordering is no better than it was thirty years ago!  Tonight I told the youngster to speak slowly and clearly and I could feel the grumpy old woman in me making her presence felt.

I’ve just eaten my Big Mac.   I probably shan’t repeat the experience for another ten years


  1. I haven't eaten at McDonalds in years and years. We never did go much, always felt there were better options for the kids but once in a while they begged just enough that we gave in. That was well before they tried to be a little healthier. I personally prefer to eat my own cooking but the problem is, I don't really like to cook it! Well, if I plan ahead and am organized it is ok but if I haven't done a good job of planning then it just isn't fun!

  2. I am not a great fan but go occasionally for a treat for the Grand children.

  3. It seems to me that youngsters have little idea of how to speak clearly!

  4. I've never done the drive through bit, but I do understand exactly what you mean regarding the gabbled responses from the staff. It's obviously a well known script to them, which they say as fast as possible in order to get you through the system. Are they asking which sauces you desire, what drink? with onions? I just felt a fool because it was as though they were speaking a foreign language. And to cap it all, I didn't enjoy the food anyway!

  5. After years of not eating at McDonald's - never meat, they used to do a tasty veg burger - I suddenly craved a fish burger last week. My husband went inside to order whilst we sat in car in a normal parking bay. We watched all the cars drive through and speak into the machine - well, each end shouted at each other, repeatedly! I suppose everyone knew their orders as they had the food regularly but other than a picture of a sickly ice cream on a poster I didn't even know what ranges they do now (we took a chance asking for a fish burger!)

    1. P.S. I enjoyed the fish burger and chips but suffered later with awful indigestion - serves me right.