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Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Today was planned - honest! I was going to tidy up and do a little housework.   Claire was coming for coffee.  I was going to make fish pies ready for the freezer.  I was going to try AGAIN to master cable knitting.  I was going to make lasagna, again for the freezer.

But then the phone rang.  It was Maisie, a dear friend from my last parish.  She needed a small favour which took about two minutes to agree but somehow, (maybe it happens to you) we nattered for well over half an hour.  So the housework didn't get done as Claire was due in a few minutes.
The Three Horseshoes, Scotton

Well, that bit went according to plan.  Claire and I have coffee together in each other's homes once a week and catching up on each other's lives meant that the fact that the vacuum cleaner was still in the corner really didn't matter.

After she'd gone I kept thinking about that conversation with Maisie.  She'd mentioned that she was going out for lunch with another friend.  And somehow my shoes found their way to my feet, my arms found their way into my jacket and my car found its way to the pub where I knew they were going and, despite myself, I was joining them for a delicious lunch.

And after a delicious lunch I have to have an equally delicious snooze.

Which is why my plan for tomorrow is to tidy up and do a little housework, to make fish pies ready for the freezer, try AGAIN to master cable knitting and make lasagna, again for the freezer.

And why have a happy smile on my face for today's little pleasure - dropping everything to go out with a friend (and having enough cash to do so).


  1. I too am struggling with the challenge of cable knitting. But time with friends is far more precious x

  2. sounds like a lovely afternoon! And tomorrow can be for all those other things.

  3. What a lovely day - and why not change your mind on a whim? Those days are very often the best ones - I'm sure Maisie enjoyed your half hour chat on the phone and the extra surprise of seeing you at lunchtime. And what a lovely friend in Claire, who loves you exactly as you are, whether the vac has been out or not. And there's always tomorrow!!!

  4. I'd say changing your plans from whatever they might be to instead a day spent with friends should be a schedule change on everyone's calendar now and again. What a splendid day!