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Monday, 25 January 2016

A Find!

I keep my laundry powder in rather a nice enamel tin designed for the purpose and bought by me in a rather extravagant moment a few years ago.  It came with a simple scoop but that got lost and I've made do with yoghurt pots or old spoons.

Today I was wandering aimlessly around a charity shop and I saw a lovely Eeyore coffee cup and saucer.  Just the job!

Today's pleasure then is the perfect charity shop find!  And now I need to find a pretty plant to put on the matching saucer


  1. I have a rather nice enamel container for the soap powder like yours with no scoop, I use an old plastic scoop but am so impressed with yours, a beautiful find.

  2. I think my daughter had a mug quite similar to that! I love Eeyore! Good find!