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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Special cards for special people

Each year I make one basic Christmas card design but I make a lot of them!  I've got inky fingers at the moment and I am waiting for some of my cards to dry, but I thought I would show you one of my specials.  These are individual cards designed for special people.

There are some people to whom I always send a special card, basically those for whom the preceding year has been hard.  Maybe they have suffered a bereavement or even worse they know they may suffer a bereavement over the Christmas season.  Maybe they are worried about people whom they love, for example missing children.  Maybe they have suffered hardship, such as redundancy.  Whatever it is, there will be people for whom Christmas will be anything but jolly and sending a "Merry Christmas" card would be inappropriate.

However, like it or not, Christmas will still be going on around them. I know how that feels.  I have suffered three close bereavements in three different Decembers.  I sat by the bedside of my terminally ill sister who suffered on until December 30th.  Christmas felt anything but merry, but it is still a very special season.

So here is the first of my specials, a simple, cross stitched nativity.  I shall add a greeting of some kind but that isn't for sharing here.  


  1. That is a lovely card. I have just started thinking about Christmas crafts as our church is doing a tree for a local festival. We need to get on with it. It's still only August though!! blessings xx

  2. I think that is a very sensitive idea.

  3. That's a very special card - there are many people who find Chrustmas a very difficult time for all sorts of reasons.