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Monday, 17 August 2015

Even more delight in my garden!

I love going out into my back garden during the summer.  It is colourful and relaxing.  It supplies many of my fresh vegetables.  It is a place to sit and dream.

And today I finished the second cushion for my swing and I am SO pleased!

 As you can see from the shadows it is a beautiful sunny day here at Frugal Follies. The picture isn't good but nothing can detract from my pleasure.


  1. The cushions look wonderful, love the fabric. Not much sitting in the garden here, it is raining. Rain, rain and more rain.

  2. SOOOOO lovely! What a happy place :)

  3. I like the fabric on the cushions; they really finish the look perfectly. Slightly envious of your swing as I have always wanted one! (So nice in the wood)

    1. Mine was my mum's. She took delight in it and so do I.