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Friday, 21 August 2015

At Mandy's

Once again I've been to Mandy's to make some cards.  Yes, it's less than a week since I last went, but no, this is not Christmas cards.

As you can see, we majored on butterflies today, with a patchwork jobbie to add variety.  

I've certainly replenished my stock of greeting cards and had a lovely morning out.  Thanks, Mandy

You can find Mandy at  


  1. They are beautiful, love the butterflies. I really should replenish my stock but the garden is in dire need at the moment.

  2. These cards are pieces of art. I love them.

  3. I love both real butterflies (slightly less the cabbage whites!) and the paper ones. I have a butterfly punch and love trying it on multi coloured papers. I think its best making cards when there is no pressure - nothing worse than having to make an emergency one.

    I think your framing on the cards makes them look extra classy!

    Very hot here today - too hot to even walk down the garden and even the cats can't stay outside.