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Friday, 7 August 2015

A Gloriously floral week

There are times when I think I am the luckiest woman alive and this week has been one of those times.
Jack's roses

My apologies for the lack of posts on either blog but I have been feeling slightly out of sorts and VERY lethargic but despite that I have had a lovely week.

First you will be glad to know that Jack has been forgiven.  Mind you, I'm still not sure why I should get scared and soaked at some ungodly hour in the morning and Jack should get the sympathy but we'll let that pass.  He turned up with a peace offering, worked his socks off, had coq au hook for lunch and left the garden in a glorious state.  (I'll do a garden post soon.)
Sweet pea "Fragrantissima"

The garden is wonderful and every two days I am now getting a glorious bunch of sweet peas.  I wish I could put smells on the blog.  These are called "Fragrantissima" and they are well named.  I'm also enjoying lavender but leave most of that for the butterflies and bees.

I helped with a meeting in a divided family and they sent me this wonderful bouquet of alstromeria.  

Then just to complete my week our Women's Institute meting last night was about flower arranging and here's my effort.

Arranged by my own fair hands
Altogether a gloriously floral week.


  1. Such beautiful flowers, you obviously have a talent for arrangements. Hope you are feeling a little better, there must be something in the water I have felt a little lost these past couple of days myself.

  2. Maybe it is the changeable weather making people feel out of sorts. Hope you are well now.
    The flowers are so lovely.

  3. The sweet peas! I have sweet peas in the yard too. They're a very old perennial planted by my hubby's Grandma ages ago when this was their home. Mine are pink, they smell amazing. I LOVE sweet peas.

  4. I think both the sight and fragrance of flowers do so much to lift our spirits. You certainly have a wonderful variety within your home. Like you I also leave the lavender to the bees and insects for the amazing job they do - they certainly deserve an extra nice helping of pollen for their actions.