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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Back to childhood

I’m well into the swing of cake baking for Auntie Hettie’s party.  (See  

I always did enjoy cake!
We’re expecting about 150 guests so I definitely need a swing!  Others are baking - even her son who is definitely not A New Man is having a go – but the bulk of the cakes will come from my oven.  I made the rich fruit cake before Christmas and I’m now into sponges, carrot cake, tray bakes and the like.  

The thing is, I never bake.  Truly I don’t.  I live alone and most of my friends don’t eat much cake so there’s no reason to wield the mixing bowl.  This week is an adventure not just for me but for my oven, my electric mixer and the various cake tins etc that I have borrowed.  Each day I do a bit more then wrap it and get it into the freezer.

And each day I go back to childhood – I’d forgotten the fun of licking out a bowl!


  1. I totally agree there is nothing like licking the spoon. That is a lot to cater for 150, hope it all goes well.

  2. I wish you could ship some of your goodies my way! I do bake some and I have a few recipes that I make over and over again. Just basic things, nothing elaborate for sure. That is quite an undertaking what with 150 guests. I am sure it is a going to be a lovely party and I really look forward to seeing pics of it. Cute photo, by the way. I am assuming the little girl is you and the lady to the left foreground is your mother?

    1. Yes, I'm the little girl wearing the cake, that is my mother and the girl in the background is my sister.