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Sunday 3 September 2017

Treasure hunting

Many years ago, when I was still training for the ministry, one of my teachers said something like, "God has given the church a huge treasure to care for but he hasn't entrusted the whole of his treasure to any one part of his church,  Each part needs to look at the others to see more and more of his treasure."

When I retired I decided that I wanted to go treasure hunting: I wanted to look beyond my own denomination, to worship with other Christians.  I didn't want to go to special services but to ordinary Sunday worship.  

For a long time that couldn't happen.  God still wanted me for proclaiming the good news as a leader,  However, when the congregations where I had been leading worship got their own vicar I  again looked forward to treasure hunting.

And today I was able to worship with our local independent church.  I have many friends there (they have wonderful Ladies Lunches!) so I was made most welcome.  There I enjoyed the vigour of the worship and the informality of the atmosphere.  Today was cafe church so I also enjoyed a generous slice of carrot cake!  

And I came away feeling refreshed and thankful again that God has given his church such a rich treasure.  


  1. Since moving here to the Island we obviously do not have a Church of England so we now worship at the Church of Scotland where we have been welcomed and included, it is a joy.

  2. I find myself with so many questions floating through my mind but I'll refrain today. How neat that you were able to find such treasure!

  3. I was baptized Presbyterian but normally attended the United Church as a child. I have friends (and now family) who are Catholic and Jewish - and have been lucky enough to attend services at both. I recently visited a Mosque and enjoyed a wonderful tour (although not a service). Just yesterday I attended a Presbyterian Service at a historic church here in Toronto and I am considering joining the congregation. But before I make a final decision I intend attending services at a few other denominations. The message is important to me but equally, I would like to be involved with a church who is involved with the community and offers more than just a Sunday morning respite.

  4. Sounds as though the church you attended was indeed very uplifting and God filled.