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Friday, 1 September 2017

Civic Pride

I've lived in this lovely town for seven and a half years now and I love it!  It's a small town, many would call it a village: either way it's friendly and there is a tremendous civic pride.  We have community events, we have a flourishing arts and heritage centre run mostly by volunteers and we have a library which is open seven days a week again because of volunteers.

A bank planted with semi wild flowers 
Ferns planted around a street sign

An old trap planted with flowers to beautify the church path
And we have flowers.  Gardens here are fantastic but what amazes me are the public floral displays, again maintained largely by volunteers.  


  1. Love the old trap in all its glory, what a beautiful feast for the eyes.

  2. What amazing flower displays - and what a wonderful community spirit

  3. Just beautiful - how lucky to have such wonderful volunteers who take such pride in their town.

  4. Really are some lovely floral displays. Amazing what comes from letting people take over from the bureaucrats.

  5. Hi hun, Love the beautiful flower display in the old horse cart and the ferns.Where would the world be without volunteers? - they are amazing! Hugs Sue