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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Replenishing the stash!

Oh dear!  I need to get rid of stuff, not acquire it, and I spend a lot of time sorting and slinging.

But there are things I need to acquire for the store cupboard and birthday cards are a case in point.  I've sent a lot of cards since Christmas, for birthdays, anniversaries, thank yous or just because.  My stash of cards is now low so yesterday I had another trip to Mandy and we made these four cards.  I like flowers and butterflies on my cards so these will all be of use - and yes, there is a 91st birthday coming up!


  1. These four are lovely. I still have the Thanksgiving card prominently displayed in my dining room.

  2. I really like your cards -- very inspiring -- one of these days I am going to try my hand at it but, like you, where in the world will I put the supplies? Surely I could be creative. In any event, yours are lovely and I know they are fun to make!