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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

First time this year

It's more than a bit nippy here in Lincolnshire this week but the upside of that is that it is wonderful and clear and bright.  So yesterday I went off to Normanby Park.

The snowdrops were gorgeous but will soon be over.

The daffodils will be at their best in a week or two.

The rhubarb is being "forced" to create those succulent, sweet stems.

The deer were munching happily in the distance.

And all around humans were saying, "Isn't it a glorious day?"  "We've hardly had a winter."

And everyone, flora, fauna and human beings appreciates the joy of being alive on a wonderful day.


  1. Beautiful park! We have hardly had winter either. Nippy here and there but nothing like we have had in the recent past. Bracing myself for a long, hot summer but I will certainly take this lovely spring we are having.

  2. I do like the forcing pots. My rhubarb is coming up now.
    I feel we have had a Winter!

    1. I think the winter may have been worse in your neck of the woods than here, Elizabeth. Those forcing pots are gorgeous but last year they weren't used which seemed to me to be a sad waste.

  3. My rhubarb is starting to come back and spring bulbs are poking through all over the place. We certainly have had a mild winter.