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Thursday, 7 January 2016

A quirky joy

Joys don't come much more quirky than this one - it's ironing.

Now before you go and lie down in a dark room trying to recover from the idea of someone actually enjoying ironing, let me explain.

I hate the thought of ironing, the thought of wasting so much time getting so hot and bothered, pushing an iron around so that the creases are a thing of the past.  This morning I went into my tiny utility room and was confronted by two weeks worth of ironing to be done.  I hauled it into the kitchen and heaped it on the table,  Not a pretty sight. And then I set to with the jolly old iron.  There was such a lot to be done that I actually had three mini sessions and I used nearly two litres of water for steam.  I can't stand long enough to iron so I sit and am rather slow.

I'm not one for music while I work so I was silent with time to think.  Ironing is slow and rhythmic and I found that rhythm helpful.  I remembered occasions I had worn the various garments and I remembered watching my  Mother years ago as she ironed for the family.

But gradually the daunting heap diminished and in its place came a stack of lovely things.  My favourite clothes, worn over Christmas and then slung in the laundry basket, are now available again.  My lovely white bedding is fresh, crisp and inviting. And as I worked I realised that, despite myself, I had actually enjoyed my day.

But I'm still not looking forward to the next time!


  1. I still haven't got on top of mine, all this rain is making the drying difficult so progress is slow.

  2. I tend to buy clothing that does not need ironing, now. I shake every garment out after washing and before placing in the drier. Once the garments come out of the drier I shake out again and fold straight away. No ironing needed this way. I do enough ironing in my day job to last me a lifetime, lol. I don`t iron bedding unless we have visitors staying over night.

  3. I don't iron much anymore but there was a time that each Sunday evening I would iron 5 hubby's white shirts, 5 little boy white uniform shirts and 5 little girl white uniform shirts and I was always so happy to see those 15 white shirts hanging up -- they gave me joy as well!

  4. I'm a bit on the sloppy side-rarely a crisp ironed anything, so I need wash and wear. I do like the look of nice crisp clothes though.

  5. "And as I worked I realised that, despite myself, I had actually enjoyed my day."

    Perfectly put. I know this feeling so well.

  6. I just wish I had a utility room and also had my dear old 'Invincible' ironing board back... Sob.. What possessed me to buy a new one after over 40 years! My new one is flimsy and wobbly and I really, really have to be in the mood to go in the ironing basket to pull out my husband's linen shirts! (Most of my things don't need ironing)

    Well done to you for making a pleasure out of all that work.