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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Sshhh! I'm using an unmentionable word

Blogland has some wonderful little places to be found in quiet moments and I’ve found a new one (for me).  It’s a Santa Sack Swap.  Actually I found it some time ago but it’s taken me a while to stick my head above the parapet.  I’ve now joined in and I’m all excited!  

I’m committed to making a Santa Sack of six home-made gifts to swap with a blogger whom I’ve never had contact with before.  I’ve been reading her blog and maybe she is reading this too.

So I’ve got to get stuck into Christmas sewing and I’ve got to get stuck in soon if I am to get not only my six item swap made but also the other presents I have planned.  Obviously I am not going to put the items for my swap on here until after the swap takes place but I will share my other Christmas projects.  So if the thought of Christmas in July, August or September makes you feel ill, I suggest you stay away from here on Wednesdays from now on!

But I’m hoping that last sentence hasn’t chased everyone away because I need you to encourage me each Wednesday as I try to make this the first year I have ever been organised at Christmas.  


  1. I'll proudly say that you've not chased me away. I started thinking about Christmas already about a week ago. I actually went through the budget I have planned out for a year (started to get 2016 in place, since it's only 5 months away) and allotted money for Christmas presents starting somewhere in October. Now, this is a huge step for me because I usually can't find any money in the budget for Christmas presents until December comes around. Yay for progress!

    I will excitedly be waiting for your Wednesday updates! Christmas can wait until November-ish but Christmas planning can never start too soon.

  2. Wow you were quick to comment on that! Are we going to get reports on your Christmas planning as well? That would be after the trip I know!

  3. Looking forward to your weekly updates, I have a lot of mine already made and am the proud owner of a very long list which I am enjoying adding to. I have even started on the Christmas cards.

  4. Oh, Mary -- I can't wait to see what you are going to make but I have to say -- I would never get it finished! Kudos to you, dear lady!