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Monday, 20 July 2015

Public spirited people

Today is much brighter than the weather forecast led me to believe it would be so I went up into Caistor to fetch a newspaper.  And as always that little outing brought me joy.

Roses and sunflowers in July
This fence could be really boring for passers-by but someone has planted roses and sunflowers and placed a bench for everyone to enjoy.

The litter bins have bright red geraniums close by so even the rubbish receptacles look good.

By the doctors' surgery

Post Office
Going to the doctor's doesn't seem too bad when there's a tiny wildflower meadow on the way.

The Post Office is a positive pleasure to visit.

Town centre car park
Behind the loos!
And visitors can park their cars in a well-cared for car park.

Even the public loos have a wonderful rose behind them.

.What is truly impressive is that much of the beautifying of our little town is done by public spirited volunteers


  1. Such a lovely place! I wish it was that pretty here.

  2. Isn' t that lovely. So good to hear about people doing things to give pleasure.

  3. That is so pretty, and bravo for the public caring enough about the town to do this. I wish there were people who cared 1/4 that amount in our town. The alley ways are filled with trash and weeds. I've been tempted to clean up other's trash, but it would be back that way in no time--so many do not care--you are fortunate.