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Friday, 31 July 2015

July slides into August

What a lovely month I’ve had!  It was much too hot for me at the beginning of the month and although it’s been unseasonably cool for most of the month, I’m happier when I’m cooler.

It’s been a month of visiting old friends.  This has been joyful but a little sad as one had had a small stroke and one has a provisional diagnosis of dementia.  I’ve decided that I shall have to visit those two more often.  I have been a carer myself and I know that visitors become rarer when one has a progressive disease and the world closes in a bit but carers need time out.  Also the more visits are made – even ten minute jobbies - the more there is to talk about with subsequent visitors.

Not all visits have been to the sick and lame.  I’ve managed to go out for lunch to treat various people who have shown me extraordinary kindness.  I need the kindness and understanding of others and am determined that I will not take it for granted so it was good to treat two of the churchwardens who make life easier for me on Sundays.  And I’m glad to report that both of those meals out were notable as much for the laughter as the food!  Thank you, ladies.

My garden is just coming into its finest month. I think I must have the latest sweet peas in the world as I haven’t picked any yet for the
simple reason that there haven’t been any to pick.  However, I’ve been enjoying the carrots, strawberries and potatoes and there should be French beans in the next few days.  Yum.

I’ve managed to get a little more decluttering done, but not a lot!  However, the sewing has been advanced quite a bit.

And August looks great.  The weather is forecast to improve in these parts so I shall be able to get out there and enjoy that garden.  Jack is coming today and he knows his Brownie point account is currently in need of a boost.  Watch this space for why that is and what he does today!


  1. You are so right about carers appreciating visits. It can feel as though one is locked away sometimes.
    My sweet peas have been quite late too and are only now coming into full flower.

  2. You are so thoughtful, I know how hard it is sometimes caring for loved ones but I am thankful and happy to do it. My garden is doing well and we have been reaping the rewards of my hard work. Looking forward to finding out what Jack has been up to....