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Monday, 1 June 2015

The First Day of the Rest of My Life

I love newness!

I’m not talking about new clothes or new cars or other big things.  I’m talking about new little things.

A new notebook, a new pack of coffee, a new loaf to cut into.

And a whole new month.  

I think it’s the big kid in me.  I’m no good at remembering to say “White Rabbits” but I find the first day of every month exciting. 

A month is such a good period.  There’s enough time to do significant things but not enough time to run out of steam.  Each month I create a new month planner headed with "I have thirty days to make a difference, 30 days in which to move my life a bit nearer to how I want it to be".  I write my hope list – not a to-do list for that would be to court failure.  Hopes are exciting, the stuff of dreams.  To-do lists suggest a certain driven-ness. 

This month my hopes include things like spending time on the swing in the garden, visiting Normanby Park, having a day at the seaside, making a skirt.

And at the end of the month I do a review.  My review of May had such things as my Staycation, a new hair-do, my first visit to the races, making three bags.  None of these is important EXCEPT that each has brought me joy and that is supremely important.

Enjoy June.


  1. If you manage a day to the seaside, please call in for a coffee, I would love to meet you. I love the idea of a hope list, I find that really encouraging.

    1. I'd love to meet you but your blog doesn't allow e mails to you. Could you visit my profile where there is an e mail link? Thanks

  2. A Hope List sounds a wonderful idea. Not being able to plan anything, not even a day ahead, I can see what a good idea this is - not committing: just hoping to do things!

  3. It's good to think in terms of just one month at a time, rather than a whole year.

  4. Joy is supremely important! Today was the start of a new month AND I opened a new bag of coffee this morning. How perfect! (except that I spilt half the cup on myself in the car; it wasn't too warm at that point, none the less, haha).