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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Further into the parcel

A few weeks ago I was the lucky winner of a Minnesota themed surprise parcel and it has been great fun.  I’ve been snacking my way through part of it but some has had very special attention.  Jack’s attention, no less!
Jack the Lad

Now, to understand this you have to understand that I am “generously proportioned” and any woman reading this will know what that means.  And so that lovely tee shirt “Wild Minnesota” could be the means of Jack sharing in the fun of the parcel.  I hope Sam approves!
Another gift in the parcel was Spam.  Now I have to admit that I have memories of Spam, or more specifically Spam fritters for school dinner.  It was not my favourite meal so my eyes have always been carefully averted from that particular supermarket shelf. 

First I checked on Wikipaedia and found that it was definitely a Minnesota “thing”.  However, a check on a couple of supermarket website soon revealed that the Spam usually eaten in the UK is from Denmark.

Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth I decided to look at Spam in the tin.  And more than that, I decided to eat it.
Spam and tomato sandwich with soup served British style

It happened that after Jack’s visit I was shattered and needed something very quick so a Spam sandwich seemed just the thing. Spam and tomato to be precise. 

And I really enjoyed it!  I don’t think it will be a frequent addition to my repertoire but an addition it will be.  I’ve wrapped the rest of the contents of the tin and frozen them so it will reappear soon.

Thanks, Sam, for the Spam.


  1. I am just tickled that you found a use for Spam and enjoyed it. Spam I am (not) said Sam I am.

    I too would not have been comfortable wearing the tee, but glad it found a home with Jack. I have had a couple turned into dish towels over the years!

  2. I am not a lover of Spam, although to be fair I can't remember the last time I ever had it so maybe that it not a a true statement these days. The t shirt was a great fit for Jack.

  3. I think that t-shirt was made for him :D

  4. I don't usually tell many people this but I like Spam. WE ate it regularly when I was a kiddo. Can't get the Hubs to eat it though. I think the t-shirt looks good on Jack and I DO understand what you mean when you say generously proportioned -- me too!

  5. Spam with very fine 'Haddon Hall' china - surely that's a first!

    1. You've got to admit, SMG, that I've got style!