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Sunday, 14 June 2015

A lovely morning out

I had a great morning out on Friday.  I went out making cards which is one of my favourite things to do.  I go to Mandy aka Dunholme Crafter.  She's a total hero as she is having building work done at her house at the moment but still she had time and energy to have two of us in for a morning's crafting.  (Her blog is a lacking up-to-date posts at the moment because of the building work but it's worth a look at and a drool over.)

Anyway we cracked on and made six wonderful cards in less than two and a half hours so here's my creations.  

The first three involved using a sparkly paste and stencils.  Actually each involved two sparkly pastes (in fact the fuchsia involved three) which are applied with a spatula and contrasting card which is layered so all in all they are a good play time for Big Kids.

After that life got more serious - but not a lot!  

These two use stamping and coloured paper and card.  Mandy uses Stampin Up products which co-ordinate beautifully so it is easier to make really lovely cards.

This last one is based on one which I had admired on Mandy's blog and she provided the materials to let us play around with her idea and come up with our own creations.

So I had a lovely morning out and have come home with cards for all the occasions I need them for this month.  Not bad eh?

I'm putting this is very small print as I know some people go cold at the mere sight of the C word but Mandy has said she'll be making C*******s cards soon.  Just thought I'd mention it as there are only 193 days to go!

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  1. Beautiful cards, sounds like a fun morning. I am already making a Christmas stash of crafted gifts, otherwise I can't get them all done. Have a great week.