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Monday, 15 June 2015

15th June 2015

It might not look like a special date but for a Yellowbelly* with a sense of history it's a truly historic day.  Eight hundred years ago, on 15th June 1215 the barons of England forced King John to set his seal to the document we know as Magna Carta,  Copies of that Great Charter were sent to the cathedrals of the land and two of the extant originals are held by the cathedrals of Salisbury and Lincoln.

The processional King John
King John cut down to size and munching castle cake
So today the trundle truck and I went to Lincoln and saw not only Magna Carta but also the Charter of the Forest which was actually more important to the common people of England.  

King John's great seal
A modern Magna Carta

Lincoln Castle was in festive mood today.  King John had returned leading a procession.  Once at the castle he was rather cut down to size.  He was forced to set his great seal to the charter prepared not by barons but by local school children.  

And everybody enjoyed a very special cake which was free to all visitors to Lincoln Castle on this very special day.  

Castle Cake
*A Yellowbelly is someone born and bred in Lincolnshire.  I qualify!

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