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Wednesday, 15 April 2015


I've had a very busy few days so today seemed like a good day to go to Normanby Park.

The house was built around 1825 for the Sheffield family.  They were very privileged.

Mrs Samantha Cameron, wife of the Prime Minister, grew up on the estate.  Maybe she too was privileged.

The pets belonging to this family seem to have been very privileged, so privileged that even in death they have a special pet cemetery.

Today at Normanby I was close enough to the deer to look into their eyes.  So no-one is more privileged than me.


  1. I would say you are very privileged to see all these beautiful places.

  2. Indeed you are privileged. Money isn't everything - what does it profit a man [or woman] to gain th ewhole world and lose their own soul?

  3. I agree. There are so many privileges that cost us nothing.

  4. Your deer look very different from ours. What type are they? I hope to get Abner near a live deer in the woods sometime this year. There's a good spot near here to find them roaming, we just have to spend some time there. He's not seen one in the woods before. I think he'd really enjoy seeing one.

    1. I think these are red deer, our largest wild mammal in England. They are in a protected park with a high wire fence between them and us but as you see they sometimes come and have a look at us.

    2. And these are the hinds - my pictures of the stags weren't quite as good. They hang around in groups of either stags or hinds, close but not together.