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Saturday, 18 April 2015


I've got a very special visitor today.  She's called Jeanie.  She's come for a day out to see if she would like to come for a few days at the end of the month.  Normally she looks after a couple of friends of mine but today she's at a loose end.

I'm not sure if  Jeanie realises it but she's a dog.  Few dogs do seem to know that about themselves and most humans are happy to go along with them.  Jeanie is actually that very special breed, a rescue dog.  Others may think of her just as a little terrier but Jeanie knows better.  She has rescued her humans from their dogless state and she's very good at making sure they are happy.  She asks very little in return, just food, a couple of walks a day, and a sunny spot in which to fall asleep.

Oh, and the friendship between Jeanie and her humans has one other very special thing - love.  Every dog deserves that.  And today she has come to bring a little canine love into my life again.  Thank you, Jeanie.
Jeanie (with the light brown hair)


  1. I love terriers! I would get another if only Bean weren't allergic. Jeanie is very cute and she seems very nice.

  2. Totally different color but her sweet face reminds me so much of my little Maggie. I'm glad you have a darling visitor for a bit! She looks so adorable!

  3. She is adorable, hope you enjoyed having her. They bring such happiness into our lives.